Monday, July 14, 2014


Hello! and welcome to my little blog or as I affectionately refer to it, a semi-seriously guide to surviving 21st century living. Now I'm not one to adhere to labels (unless it's designer of course...kidding!) so I'm refusing to categorize this blog, but what I will say is that you can expect to find serious and not so serious posts on healthy living (physically AND mentally), innovative ways of coping with everyday stressors and life upsets, how to be the best you in and out of relationships, self-care (it's not just psychobabble...promise!), and whatever else I feel like word vomiting about. You can look forward to Self-Care Sundays, Manic Mondays, Wisdom Wednesdays, and a whole bunch of  random stuff in between. Sounds awesome, huh?

Although I do have a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and have worked as a therapist for the past several years, I'm not by any means claiming to be an expert. Just a self-proclaimed life-enthused psych-nerd who likes to observe and write about this crazy world and the people living in it. Enjoy!

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